About Us

Terminate Tobacco Use is a group of people dedicated to helping others quit tobacco. Most of us are past smokers who have quit with the help of the services provided by the Tobacco Cessation Program at Northwestern Medicine.

Carol Southard, RN, MSN, has been a Tobacco Treatment Specialist at Northwestern since 2000, in addition to being a Tobacco Cessation Consultant for many Chicago area hospitals. She began her nursing career in Critical Care – Surgical Intensive Care and Emergency. She quickly realized she wanted to focus on the other end of the health care spectrum and help prevent many if not most of the conditions she was seeing every day. She soon learned that smoking is the most preventable cause of injury and death and has dedicated her career to helping tobacco users quit whether or not the desire to do so is there!

For over 30 years, Carol has used her knowledge and expertise to help people stop smoking throughout the United States. Not only does she help smokers, she also trains a wide range of healthcare professionals on the effects of smoking and how to best counsel patients on the subject of cessation.


Learn more about Carol and her programs here: https://www.nm.org/conditions-and-care-areas/pulmonary/the-division-of-pulmonary-and-critical-care-medicine/tobacco-cessation